Is real estate investing unethical?

Is it immoral, unethical or corrupt to buy real estate at a very discounted price from a motivated seller? Like a zombie, buying to rent has risen to walk among us again. This form of ownership is extremely questionable, and not because of a gross misapplication of anarchist policy (property is theft). The truth is that accumulating and increasing the price of an essential commodity is morally doubtful at best and, at worst, speculating. Despite dedicating yourself to real estate investment with the best intentions, ethics can be quickly challenged time and time again.

So sometimes it can seem more difficult to commit to investing in real estate the right way when there are so many shortcuts and so many excuses to accept them. Real estate investors offer these motivated sellers the ability to free up thousands of dollars for themselves (and in many cases, otherwise, this money would be lost), even when the offer is heavily discounted. When it comes to motivated sellers, I intend to disclose that I am a real estate investor and I explicitly say,. Real estate investors can offer the world a value very similar to that in the history of this street vendor (but usually with a much larger number behind each deal).

Amie Ballance
Amie Ballance

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